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  1. We invite those living in the United States to send for one FREE copy of the book "The Divine Plan of the Ages" with attached Lessons/Questions. Answers to the Study Questions can be found in the reading material in the book. You may place your answers in the blanks in our 16 Bible Lessons. If you return the lesson questions to us with a self addressed stamped envelope, each lesson (1 at a time) will be checked, corrected and returned to you. There is NO charge for this SERVICE of checking your answers. Fill in the coupon below to order the Free book.
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   *** and 16 Bible Lessons *** 
96 pages with over 1600 Old and New Testament Scriptures, all of the great Bible themes are explained clearly and harmoniously, including:
  • proof of an intelligent Creator
  • the mystery of Messiah explained
  • the great time periods in God’s Plan
  • why God has permitted suffering
  • the object and manner of Christ’s return
  • the day of judgment
  • the ransom for all
  • the times of restitution
  • the five universal empires in earth's history
  • and God’s benevolent kingdom.
    Those who wish to make a complete study of the Bible have the opportunity to place your answers in the blanks on our 16 Bible lessons. When you send your answers to Fort Worth Bible Students, each lesson (1 at a time) will be checked and returned to you. There is NO charge for this SERVICE of checking your answers. Your only cost is the postage and envelope each way.

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